Interview with a Cyberterrorist

Article from the bestselling novel, My Battle with Terrorism.

Mind Gamer

Photo Courtesy of the JLT Group

War Room

A Friend in Jihad

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Why did I give a troll like Marcus Gallop the platform of a respectable magazine like the Anaheim Gazette? If unraveling a mind could reap some value — some real-time data that can be garnered before it generates into real-world consequences — shouldn’t the public we journalists serve be delivered this insight?

Gallop’s Ground Zero

Gallop was three years-old the morning of September 11th, 2001. Since I was nine, our ages (to me) reflect a major difference in patriotic sensitivities older generations are inclined to feel in remembering that day. Thus, I felt the need to question his dubious, virtually dehumanized obsession with the tragedy. I asked him what the terrorist attacks meant to him.

Freedom Isn’t Free

Marcus Gallop’s dream of a digital 9/11, or a digital Pearl Harbor (it all seems so interchangeable to him), is a promise made by a global community of diluted attention-seekers, who are competing to design and develop the global catastrophe that will define the rest of the century. They meet at various corners of the dark internet, discuss the endless possibilities of recreating Stuxnet, and identify, recognize and network with each other through a mantra of hardcore trolling.

Photo Courtesy of the Anaheim Gazette

autodidact *twitches IG: @niebla_research_ also: bestselling author, freelance journalist

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