The Autonomous Vehicle Industry is in Trouble

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Three decades ago, the internet was just beginning to revolutionize human communications. Little did the world know how much power would fall into the hands of a few technocratic elites as a result. Autonomous vehicles likewise will transform human transportation in the same way; the skill of helming the wheel will no longer be necessary in about a decade or two, just as the art of writing on paper has all but ceased to exist.

Recent news of a so-called Apple Car project has done little to bring positive attention to the possibility of a self-driving revolution. In poll-after-poll, nearly…

A Millennial Entrepreneur Adapts to a Life-Shattering Pandemic

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I told myself no everyday. Don’t buy into the hype, everything is fine. It’s all talk and memes and basically the flu, except if the flu were Katyusha rockets launched at nursing homes.

You’ve got far more important things on your radar: build your client network, pay off that medical debt, apply for that business loan you need by the summer. Don’t forget to text Miguel for overtime hours at the Sunday side-hustle. Oh and hello, food; grocery day is tomorrow.

This movie gets re-released every few years. Remember when that one guy at your high school got H1N1? Ya…

This Urban Planner wants to Revolutionize Housing in the 21st Century

3D Renderings illustrated by Mhejunlina Germo for Jordyn Barber’s urban planning book, The Greenprint.

It may not be on the radar of startup culture just yet, but the brave new world of the Ecopolis is coming. It grows within the determined mind of Jordyn Barber, an African-American urban planner plotting it’s real-world implementation.

Barber is the author of The Greenprint, a 25,000 word manifesto on a planned community sustained entirely by its own resources. …

Teach Us About COVID-19, Baby Yoda Can

Background image by Unsplash, Baby Yoda vector by MamyLab. Visual design by Daniel Nieblas, and protected by Fair Use Rules.

It’s the dawn of a new decade, and the meme has become the reigning medium of our time…

Anxiety Goes Viral

It is reasonable to presume we are on course toward a future conjured entirely of millisecond commotions. One moment, we will run in panic as World War III is on the horizon. Then, we will prepare for an international pandemic of catastrophic proportions. But just as immediately, we will watch some Disney+, and forget each crises completely.

This will be a world that searches only for instant gratification, a brave new world millions entered in the early weeks of 2020.

On January 3rd, U.S Selective Service shut down its website, as it was overwhelmed with young men wanting to know…

Photo by Joan Canto (iStock). Visual effects and graphic design by Daniel Nieblas.

As I read an email from Uber Support over a free burger I never received, I decided to delete the app for good. It reminded me of the story of the dude who was executed by an enraged king…over a vase.

I couldn’t remember who in history the story pertained to. All I saw in the moment was a middle-school memory of my history teacher talking about an ancient civilization (Greek, Indian, Chinese? Can’t recall).

One day, the king argued with someone (a soldier, a servant, a slave perhaps) on the value of a vase in his palace. …

How a Classic Tragedy Reflects a Private Struggle with Mental Health.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?”

Romeo stalking Juliet from beneath her balcony is an enduring trope on young love. It’s come to symbolize the immaturity and hyperbole of teenage romance, but what’s almost always overlooked is Romeo’s much darker words preceding the “but soft” line:

“He jests at scars that never felt a wound.”

As a playwright, I focus intently on the mental health of my characters; what are their expectations, and why? Are they reasonable or delusional? Are they selfless or narcissistic? A lot of…

An on-the-ground perspective on politics, elections and Trumpism. Originally published for the Anaheim Gazette.

Welcome to the City of Kindness

Despite all warnings by members of my family, I decided as a citizen journalist to attend a political rally for then-Republican candidate for U.S President, Donald J. Trump. It was a sunny morning, and he had just flown in from New Mexico. He was to meet another massive legion of supporters on May 25th, 2016, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Gustavo Arellano, a columnist for The Orange County Weekly wrote Donald Trump was “wishing for chaos to happen.” …

Article from the bestselling novel, My Battle with Terrorism.

En route to the City of Anaheim via a bus from Downtown Los Angeles, I noticed a passenger complaining to an older woman he was lost. He said there was a major blackout that took over West Hollywood that evening. He read on Twitter people were notified by authorities to find family nearby, “they said it could last a few days.” The outage was apparently caused by a system attack through cyberspace, and the authorities weren’t sure how long it would take to recover.

From wherever you may be reading this…


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